The Lunch Line is on the move!

File_001(2) - Copy - Copy File_000 - Copy (2) File_008(1) File_009 File_000(1) - Copy - Copy File_002(2)St. Malachy made some big changes in the lunch room over the summer.  We added a new pin-pad system that will keep track of all the lunches electronically.  Students did a very good job memorizing their student ID.   Parents will be able to log into Power School and see their lunch balance anytime day or night.

We also moved the lunch line around.  Students will now pick up a tray and move through our lunch line from south to north.  Students in grades 3-8 are able to serve their own fruits and vegetables.  I watched many students scoop up lots of watermelon and green beans today!

It was so exciting to see these new changes happen today!  A big thank you to Mrs. Dodge, Mrs. Clayton & Mrs. Lane for putting it all together!