St. Malachy License Plates

St. Malachy Proud

Now you can let everyone know you are a proud member of the St. Malachy Family.

Step 1:

Take old license plates to your local courthouse

Step 2:

Trade in old license plates for new sticker license plates for $5

Step 3:

Purchase license plate stickers from St. Malachy School. $5 per plate.

Step 4: Place stickers on the designated area of your new license plate.

Step 5:  Drive around Iowa proud to be the first Catholic School in the state with a specialized license plate!

Creston Public Schools also has a license plate sticker available for purchase. You could support both schools on your vehicle!

You do not have to live in Union County to have our personalized sticker.  Every county in Iowa has the sticker option available.
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