Spring Concert – change

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade 


The weather is wreaking havoc on our spring concert.


We have made an executive decision to move the concert to avoid the risk of damaging video equipment & music equipment and to avoid sitting in a swamp at McKinley Park.


The new concert will be:


9 am 

St. Malachy Courtyard

Students will watch the program live.  

Parents are welcome to attend, please bring a lawn chair.

The Spring Concert will also be live-streamed and recorded for future viewing by family and friends.


Students are asked to wear St. Malachy gear (shorts are acceptable)


We know this isn’t ideal but we also knew canceling wasn’t what anyone wanted either.  We hope that you can join us live or online to watch our amazing children show off their musical talents.

A big thanks go out to Mrs. Stoner, Mrs. Taylor, and Mr. Heffern for making these on-the-fly adjustments. 


God Bless,

Mrs. Simmons