Scrip Program


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Scrip Coordinator:
Charlene Dunphy 712-782-6036

What is Scrip?

Holy Spirit Board of Education offers a Scrip program to raise funds for St. Malachy School. The Scrip Coordinator for St. Malachy and Holy Spirit is Charlene Dunphy. If you have any questions, or need any help, please contact her at (641) 782-6036.

Retail gift cards and/or certificates from national and local retailers are purchased at a discounted price and then sold for full face value. The difference, or rebate, is the profit raised by the Scrip program. This rebate ranges from 1.5% up to 30% of the gift card/certificate. A list of national retailers can be found under the 'National' tab. A list of local retailers can be found under the 'Local' tab.

Incentive for Parents

An incentive offered with the Scrip program is tuition directed portions of rebates. If you choose, you may apply 40% of the rebate amount towards a specified tuition account. A 'Scrip Program Agreement' must be signed, approved and on file. (A copy of this file can be found under the 'Agreement' tab.)



Scrip envelopes can be sent in with your child's backpack and/or submitted in the offering basket during mass at Holy Spirit Parish. (If you need an envelope, please call the school office at 782-7125, or you can download one. (A copy of this file can be found under the 'Envelope' tab.) Envelope orders must be in no later than 9 AM Monday morning.