St. Malachy Preschool

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Drop-Off Rules
3 Year Old T/TH 8am-10:30am

Drop-Off at 7:50-8am

4 Year Old Half Day PM M-TH 11:30am-3:10pm

Drop-Off at 11:20-11:30am

4 Year Old All Day M-F 8am-3:10pm

Drop-Off at 8-8:10am

General Information


Our enrollment is not a first come first serve process.  After April 2 we will review all pre-enrollment information and sort classes based on criteria listed in our enrollment policy 701.1.  It is important to have your pre-enrollment information in and your deposit fees paid by August 15th

Tuition Payments

9 Monthly Tuition Payments

3 yr old -$121.44

4 yr old 1/2 day -Free

4 yr old all day -$170.00

5 yr old all day -$340.00


3yr Deposit  - $25

3 yr old snack fee - $32.50

4yr old snack fee - included

5 yr old snack fee $65.00

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Sarah Dinham

3 yr old and 1/2 day 4 yr old PK

Ashtyn Riley

All Day 4 Year Old PK


*We understand that accidents happen and we ask that students are potty trained.

** St. Malachy Preschool participates in the Universal Preschool Grant which provides free tuition to 4 yr old preschool students. Tuition for this program is covered 100% if the Grant is approved for the 2021-2022 school year. Children eligible for this grant must be 4 yr old by September 15th.

Educating the Whole Child

Educational Focus Description Example
LiteracyVocabulary and language, phonological awareness, letters, words, print, comprehension, books and other textsManipulate books, listen to stories, use puppets/props to retell stories, flannel board
MathematicsNumbers, patterns and relationships, geometry and spacial awareness, measurement and data collection, organization and representationManipulate, collection, games, grids, path games, puzzles, shape games, measurement
SciencePhysical properties of objects, living things, the earth and the environmentInvestigating and experimenting, sand, water, rice, snow and soil table, magnets, balance and weights
Social StudiesHow people live, work, get along and how they are shaped by their surroundingsSelf, family, community, vacations, maps, other places and cultures
The ArtsDance, music, dramatic play, drawing and paintingPainting in many ways with many mediums and tools, color, cut, glue, chalk, paste, collage, play dough
TechnologyTools and their basic operations and usesExplore, magnifying glass, scales, wheels, ramps, shifters, iPads
CognitiveObserving and exploring, problem solving and connecting, organizing, communicating and representing informationPuzzles, pretend and dress up, building blocks and duplos, investigate on discovery table