PTO Minutes – September 2016

PTO Meeting
SEPTEMBER 15,  2016 / 6:00 PM


  1. The meeting was called to order by PTO President Shilo Gennaro and opened with a prayer. Minutes of the August 25 PTO meeting were read and approved.


  1. The classroom Pizza Party contest continues this month.  This is a new idea to encourage parents to attend the PTO meetings. This year PTO will be rewarding meeting attendance with a pizza party.  We are  taking attendance at the PTO meetings and the classroom with the highest attendance will receive a year end pizza party.  Parents and grandparents are welcome to attend! Currently the 1st grade is in the lead.
  2. Shilo went over the PTO mission statement that was developed a few years ago.
St. Malachy School is dedicated to:
Continual improvement in the educational experience in the life of the school; open communication between parents and teachers; the creation of opportunities for social interaction between families, teachers, administration, and staff; providing a forum to showcase the talents and accomplishments of the children; and to raise funds for the accomplishments and objectives and other needs of the school.

Principal’s Report

  1. Jennifer Simmons, St. Malachy Principal shared a proposal to the Board of Education that asked for each student to be assessed a $50 technology fee at registration to be added to the technology budget for the 2016-17 school year.   This raised $7500.  These funds were used to offset the cost of upgrading the infrastructure of the WIFI system in both buildings.  Also for developing and maintaining a relationship with a company for the school technology issues and repairs. Cost – $2100
  1. This money was also used to purchase 10 ipads and cases for use in the PreK – 1st grade classrooms. Cost $3700
  2. Purchase of 26 Chromebooks with storage for Grades 2-5. Cost $6250.
  3. Purchase and additional set of 20 Chromebooks for Grades 2-5. Cost $4900.
  4. All of these goals have been accomplished except for the set of 20 Chromebooks.  Mrs Simmons is asking the PTO to pay for these Chromebooks..  The group has funds set aside for technology. Shilo called for a motion to approve the releasing of these funds.  It was moved and seconded and the motion carried.
  5. Mrs Simmons also reported the Mrs Dinham, Kindergarten teacher, applied for a grant this summer and was awarded $9000 to be used for the purchase of a Smartboard and Smart Table for her classroom!  These items have arrived and she will begin using them soon.

Treasurer’s Report

  1. $17, 959 as of today. The Creston Color Run is this weekend September 25.  Approximately $6000 is the expected from this fundraiser. 26 people are currently signed up to help with the event.  We are all praying for good weather.

New Business

  1. Lora Pellman has agreed to do St. Malachy gear for this year.  She brought several designs for the group to choose from.  The group picked 3 of the designs.  They decided that the students and staff should vote on which design they like the best.  Mrs Simmons is going to work on making this an electronic survey.  We will have results soon.
  2. Next event for PTO will be the Spaghetti Supper on October 22.  Lesha Clark has done a fantastic job as chair of this event for the past several years and she has agreed to chair again this year.  Signup genius will be sent out soon to families for donating food and volunteering to work at the supper.
  3. Our Holiday Vendor Fair will be November 19th at St Malachy school.  Heather Burwell has contacted vendors and is working on getting information out.  Contact her if you would like to get involved with that. We are expecting 30-35 vendors this year.


Meeting was adjourned by unanimous vote.  Next meeting is October 20th.