PTO Meeting

AUGUST 25,  2016 / 6:00 PM


  1. The meeting was called to order by PTO President Shilo Gennaro and opened with a prayer.


Principal’s Report

  1. Jennifer Simmons, St. Malachy Principal reported on the many goals that were accomplished over the summer.  The 4 class rooms in the 3-5 hallway had wall dividers removed and drywall was installed.  The teachers picked paint colors and painted the new walls and trim.  Father Ken built and installed new cabinets in the lower wing classrooms.  WIFI systems have and continue to be updated.
  1. There have been significant, exciting changes in the lunchroom.  Students use a keypad to input their assigned number now.  Other changes include 3-8th graders are serving their own fruits and veggies and salads have returned.
  1. Middle School students have moved to 80 minute block scheduling.
  1. The LEAP program will be starting after Labor Day.  These are  advanced placement classes for students in Science, Math and Language Arts.
  1. We have a new web site and she presented many of the cool interactive features.

Treasurer’s Report

  1. $17, 526 as of August 1st.  Ice cream social that was hosted by the PTO during open house was a success.  Expenses have not all been totaled but it is expected that the cost is under $50.

New Business

  1. Creston Color Run is September 25.  This is a 5K run with 1.4 mile kids run.  This is a new event this year.  It replaces our Fall Fundraiser of cook dough sales.  The committee is currently working on getting sponsors, and getting the word out.  Registration will be taken up until the run but early registration with included t-shirt needs to be in by September 9th.  Anyone interested in volunteering or if you would like more information there is a committee meeting tomorrow night @ 5:30.
  1. Next event for PTO will be the Spaghetti Supper on October 22.  Lesha Clark has done a fantastic job as chair of this event for the past several years and Shilo will contact her to see if she is willing to chair that again this year.
  1. Our Holiday Vendor Fair will be November 19th at St Malachy school.  Heather Burwell has contacted vendors and is working on getting information out.  Contact her if you would like to get involved with that.
  1. PTO agreed to help with expenses for the NCEA conference that teachers will attend in St. Louis in March.  Some funds from professional development that we were unaware of before will be utilized for this as well.
  1. Previous years St. Malachy gear was sold during registration and we discussed ideas for this year.  Lora Pellman agreed to bring ideas to the next meeting.



Meeting was adjourned by unanimous vote.  Next meeting is September 15th.