2019-2020 School Supplies Orders PK-8

Due May 31st


School ID: STM238

May 8 – Mass 2nd & 6th Grade 9:15

May 15 – Mass 3rd & 7th Grade 9:15

May 22 – Mass 8th & 1st Grade 9:15

Middle School Science Fair

May 10th

St. Malachy Class of 2019

Graduation Ceremony

Friday, May 17th 7pm

Spring Music Concert

May 22nd – 7pm

4 Year Old Preschool Graduation

May 23rd

May 31st 3:10pm

Spirit Day is  May 3, May 10th, May 17th, – Students may wear sweatpants and/or a hat for $1.  Money collected goes into a school “pay-it-forward” fund that helps others in our community in the time of illness or death.

Use SCRIP for everyday items!

Buy SCRIP from St. Malachy

Apply the percentage of funds towards your tuition!

 Wishing you a Blessed Weekend,

God Bless,

Mrs. Simmons