Saint Malachy Preschool

Abbie McKasson - Preschool

St. Malachy Preschool

405 W Clark

Creston, IA 50801



St. Malachy Preschool Progam

3-Year-Old Preschool

Tuesday-Thursday 8:00 to 10:30 AM

Child may enter program as soon as they reach 3 years of age


4-Year-Old Preschool

Monday -Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday

12:15 to 3:15 PM

Child must be 4 by September 15 of the year enrolled





Content Area Description Example
Literacy Vocabulary and language, phonological awareness, letters, words, print, comprehension, books and other texts Manipulate books, listen to stories, use puppets/props to retell stories, flannel board
Mathematics Numbers, patterns and relationships, geometry and spacial awareness, measurement and data collection, organization and representation Manipulate, collection, games, grids, path games, puzzles, shape games, measurement
Science Physical properties of objects, living things, the earth and the environment Investigating and experimenting, sand, water, rice, snow and soil table, magnets, balance and weights
Social Studies How people live, work, get along and how they are shaped by their surroundings  Self, family, community, vacations, maps, other places and cultures
The Arts Dance, music, dramatic play, drawing and painting Painting  in many ways with many mediums and tools, color, cut, glue, chalk, paste, collage, play dough
Technology Tools and their basic operations and uses  Explore, magnifying glass, scales, wheels, ramps, shifters, iPads
Cognitive Observing and exploring, problem solving and connecting, organizing, communicating and representing information  Puzzles, pretend and dress up, building blocks and duplos, investigate on discovery table